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A Perfect Fit for BiFold Doors

In summary: Perfect fit blinds work brilliantly on BiFold doors provided they are not sliding doors. If you are worried you can always install a blind outside the recess so as not to obstruct the door. 


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What are your options?

Firstly we need to see if the doors open outwards or inwards.


Why does this matter? Generally, most BiFold-folds stack together at the side of your opening and stack onto each other. If they fold outwards into the garden then we have access to the inside recess either side of the windows. This is great as we can install blinds into the top of the window recess or into either side as this space is not being taken up by the window.

If they open inwards then we need to consider installing them onto the face of the lintel above the window. This is not a bad option as they are kept up and out of the way, although it will prevent you from installing vertical blinds over the BiFold-fold doors. This option is also what we would recommend if you have a sliding patio or BiFold-fold doors. You’ve only got the option to install outside of the recess to still allow the doors to open.

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bi fold doors with perfect fit blind



Perfect Fit for BiFold doors

Quite probably our favourite type of blind for BiFold-folds, these are thin profile blinds that clip onto the window itself, 4 brackets sit between the rubber beading and the glass and then a frame housing the aluminium slats clips onto these. You can then tilt and angle the blinds as required and lift them up and down by their handle. This is the smartest option in our opinion, but one thing to note is that the frame of the Perfect Fit blinds will protrude slightly from the frame so they might not fold fully flat as before. This won’t damage the blinds, and in reality, across a whole opening, missing a few centimetres off the opening doesn’t make a massive difference. These blinds are also great for patio doors and uPVC windows – so think conservatory windows too.  


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